Quickly create pages explaining

and gather peoples feedback in one place

What is it?

Quickly create fast, responsive pages and gather people's impression, thoughts, feedbacks on what you wrote on the page.

How it Works?

  • 1. Create Public/Private Page
    • Select Layout
    • Describe Your Idea, Plan, Thoughts or Anything
    • Add Image, Video or Write in Markdown
    • Make the Page Public or Private (with Password)
  • 2. Share It with the People You Want
    • Fast and Responsive Pages
    • Auto Translate Content* to More than 100 Languages, Auto Detect Regions Language
  • 3. View Their Response
    • Visitors Message/ Feedback
    • Peoples Email If Given
    • Visitors Impression, Pageviews, Analytics
    • And More

In Depth

For the Page Creator

  • Create and customize pages (public/private)

  • Receive messages, feedback from visitors

  • Let visitors vote, collect emails, view page analytics and more

For the Page Visitor

  • Instant, fast and responsive pages

  • Quickly send feedback, vote or auto translate page content to any language